Passive House


We are a Certified Passive House Consultant!

Let us help you take your deign to a new level

We work with home owners, architects, and designers to bring Passive House design principles into the design or to consult with you from concept to  walking you through the certification process.  We also can run energy models for a proposed or existing building through PHPP or AkWarm.  

PHCertMarkSm_1Passive House is one of the world’s most stringent building standards for energy consumption and air tightness.  Originally a German standard with it’s roots in the middle US from the 70’s, a Passive House will generally perform with on average 90% energy reduction over standard code construction virtually eliminating the need for a complex heating system.  These homes (or commercial building) are first and foremost super insulated, constructed practically thermal bridge free, and with the most rigorous air tightness standard there is.  The most efficient heat recovery ventilators are installed any Passive House.

Please get in touch with us to talk about your project or if you want to talk about our services.


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